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Marche pour la fermeture des abattoirs à St. Louis

This year, the march of St. Louis will take place Sonntag, 27 September, 2020 - 11:00

Place and hour of appointement: 660 Rosedale Ave, St. Louis, MO 63112 at 11h00


It is time to proclaim loudly, clearly, and unmistakably the need for total animal liberation heralded by the abolition of the practices that cause nonhuman animals the most suffering: their breeding, their fishing, and their slaughter.

Every year, 70 billion "farm" animals and more than one trillion aquatic animals are mercilessly murdered in factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other animal-abusing facilities. If we killed humans at the same rate we kill the most innocent and vulnerable among us, humankind would go extinct in just 17 days.

We will not remain silent; we will rise together to end millennia of the torture, and murder of animalkind as part of the worldwide March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses.

The march is organized by Project Animal Freedom.

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