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Why to shut down the slaughterhouses ?

Slaughterhouses shock people

Most people are shocked by animal slaughter. Within any slaughterhouse, we witness the suffering, despair and terror of sentient beings about to be killed. There is no ethical justification to take the life of any living being. Slaughterhouses represent a major moral issue, and force us to face our contradictions.

Slaughterhouses murder animals

Billions of animals are murdered each year in slaughterhouses, on farms, and in fishing operations. They are the countless victims of our dietary habits, false and misguided nutritional beliefs, and rich, powerful lobbies. And yet, these animals have feelings, possess knowledge, preferences, emotions and the capacity to feel pain ; they suffer from physical and psychological distress.

We don’t need animals products

We now know that humans do not need animal products to live in good health. Worldwide, millions of vegetarians are living proof that it is possible to eat healthy without participating in the massacre. Agriculture produces enough plants to provide high quality, nutritional food.

Slaughterhouses represent a major moral issue

Moral condemnation of animal abuse is largely shared. It is acknowledged that animals should not suffer and be killed unnecessarily.

Injustices from the past have been abolished or significantly reduced and condemned, such as human slavery, the inferior status of women, or discrimination over skin colour or sexual orientation. These inequities were bolstered by powerful interests; they were deeply rooted in the collective consciousness to the point that most people believed them to be an eternal and a universal truth.

We now act to obtain justice for non-human animals.

Organize a march in your city

If you want to participate and demand justice for animals, you can organize a march in your city. We can share with you visual material flyers in English, French, press release, etc.

To announce your march on our website help organise and follow developments, please contact us and fill this form.

The March to Close all Slaughterhouses is part of a movement advocating a society that cares for the needs of all sentient beings and that opposes any trends that promote discrimination, hatred, or xenophobia.

More information

This event is part of the World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat (WWAMs).

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